Making “Hannah” the reborn baby girl

Here is Hannah from start to finish as I created her. I fired her Genesis Heat set paints several times as I applied layers of colors and texture to her skin. I was amazed as she came to life with each subsequent firing. Tiny,individual hairs were rooted into the scalp. She has a small bald spot where her hair has rubbed off , just like a real baby! Delicate eyelashes and fingernails are the finishing touches for this darling. href=””>baby with eyelashes finished

Baby second firing

baby hair done

Baby Hair closeup

Baby Hair 1

Baby feet

baby finished close

baby face  second coat

baby face 1

baby face 2

baby eyelashes close

baby eyelash side

Baby crown clsup

Baby back of head

baby beginning hair


Making my first Reborn Baby Doll

Baby second firing

My granddaughter Brianna introduced me to the art of “Reborning” this summer. She had received a beautiful preemie baby ” Willow” for her birthday  and when I saw the little darling, I fell in love!  She was the most realistic doll I had ever seen. I’ve been a doll artists since 1991 and have been making one of a kind artist dolls using polymer clay. I was so enamored by this baby that we immediately started looking on the internet for more information. This is the story of my first Reborn baby!